Cyber Attack on David Beckham’s email account leaks 18.6 million embarrassing email messages


England’s former premium footballer David Beckham learned this week that a lot of damage can be done if hackers get hold of personal info. According to a news post on Cosmopolitan, around 18.6 million email messages belonging to the English Former Professional footballer were hacked from the servers of the Footballer’s PR firm Doyen Global, owned by Simon Oliveira.

As per our sources, a lot of personal messages and chats related to David Beckham were leaked out in the cyber heist which could churn out a whirlwind storm in the elite society of Britain.
The emails allegedly showed how desperate Mr. Beckham was to ensure he was honored as “Sir David” and the lengths he would go to bag that honor.

What could prove more annoying to Beckham’s is that the leaked info was purchased by a Football Leaks website and European news resources Der Spiegel, L’Equipe and El Mundo. The football leaks website is a part of Wikileaks and has threatened Beckham to publish all the email details as ‘Beckileaks’.

They published some reports outlining David Beckham & family’s attempt to use charity work in a bit to gain a Knighthood. One of the emails says that Beckham called Welsh Singer Katherine Kenkins as an ‘F#$%%^G Joke’ and Honors Committee as a Bunch of C##ics
In one of the emails correspondence made between David and one of a top socialite, it is mentioned that the footballer was not at all happy with the privilege he was getting for donating $1 million to a Unicef Dinner- all for the sake of charity.

One of the emails messages also contains the gold-plated image of the laptop owned by David Beckham and gifted by a UAE prince. After giving birth to his third child, Victoria Beckham is said to have received the gift as a present from her husband.

David reacted to this cyber heist on an immediate note and hired London-based Marclay Associates to track down the hackers responsible for leaking a series of his personal emails that could tarnish his reputation in the elite society of Britain.

Marclay Associates are trying their best in identifying the individual/group who stole the 18.6 million messages and documents of the footballer turned modeling businessman. Jake Hockley who previously worked for the British Government till 2012 is leading the Marclay Associates firm.

The Mirror reported that Simon Oliveira, the spokesperson for Beckham has asked the British Police and the National Security Agency of United States to jointly investigate into the hack.

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