Cyber Attack on Email Accounts of Finland Politicians

In a statement released on December 28th, 2020, Finland’s Crime Commissioner Tero Muurman stated that the email accounts of most of the Finland MPs were targeted in the cyber attack. However, information is out that the attack that was conducted for espionage has failed to reach the objectives of the threat actors because of effective Cybersecurity measures.

Such cyber attacks usually take place to either benefit a foreign state or induce economic, administrative, or political predicament in Finland.

A preliminary investigation is under way and Muurman assured that more details will be provided after the inquiry gets completed on an official note.

“Such attacks act as grave threats to democracy and to the Finnish Society”, said Anu Vehvilainen, the speaker of Finland’s Parliament. She added that her country will try to curb such attacks on the critical infrastructure in near future.

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) the Crime Monitoring headquarters of Finland stated that the digital invasion might be the work of an Asian country. However, it did not want to make it official until it gains concrete evidence.

Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) has also started a parallel investigation into the incident and has confirmed that it will share information with the international bodies.

Note- In the year 2018, the website related to Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment data was closed because of a cyber attack. Although the authorities cleared the air that no data was compromised in the hack, some information related to labor exchange reports and employment ministry’s survey were revealed online.


Naveen Goud
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