Cyber Attack on exams and its impact on ambulances

A cyber-attack has made the staff of Idaho Falls Community Hospitals to divert emergency ambulances elsewhere as it is struggling to mitigate the risks associated with the incident. Although the 88-bed hospital is taking good care of the inhouse patients and staffers, it is unable to share the same care to the new patients, as its digital infrastructure is crippling and its data systems are down to render any update.

Brian Ziel, the spokesperson of the hospital admitted that the healthcare unit was serving its patients with pen and paper and is doing its best to recover from the incident at the earliest.

However, Ziel is not aware of any ransom demand and so is skeptical to declare the attack as a ransomware genre.

Mountain View Hospital, serving under the ownership of Idaho Falls Community Hospital is also facing the same challenge and is taking necessary measures to cope up with the incident.

Meanwhile, on a separate note, the Supreme Court of Greece has ordered a scientific probe into the halt of Greek high school exams by a cyber-attack. Consecutively, the attack was caused for two days and was targeting the database containing the questionnaire that was supposed to be answered by the students for this academic year.

Isidoros Dogiakos, the Public Prosecutor at Supreme Court issued a statement on this note and said that the incident was a sort of emergency and so will be probed down to the core by the law enforcement.

Prima Facie revealed that the database was disrupted on Monday and Tuesday of this week by overwhelming amount of web traffic targeting the server. And reliable sources from the Education Ministry suggest that a ransomware gang that is also into the launch of DDoS attacks is suspected behind the incident and its prime motive was to cancel the exams.

Naveen Goud
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