Cyber Attack on French hospitals and Helsinki Hotel


A spokesperson from Nordic Hotels & Resorts released a press statement yesterday that personal details of about 15k customers belonging to Helsinki Hotel were accessed by hackers via a cyber attack as the details were compromised from a reservation system also used by Hotel Kamp and F6 Hotel.

As per the prima facie, the attack took place in the second week of February and the unauthorized access was identified on April 9th, 2022.

Jonatham Blom, the Communications Advisor of Nordic Hotels and Resorts, confirmed the cyber attack and added cyber criminals exploited a vulnerability in the reservation system to access the details of customers.

Coming to the second news, two of the France-based hospitals have admitted that they were targeted by extortion gangs who stole data and then threatened to release that data on the dark web if their demand for ransom was not attended.

Vitry-Le-Francois and Saint Dizier are the two hospital networks whose data has been compromised and were being threatened to pay up $13m as ransom.

The IT systems in both the healthcare service providing firms were down and remained unavailable for booking new appointments.

Good news is that patient care in both the facilities was not halted as doctors and staff were manually treating the patients without relying on digital systems.

Ransomware gang that targeted the systems of the two French hospitals is yet to be determined and confirmed by authorities probing the incident.


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