Cyber Attack on Iran State TV leads to display of images of dissidents

Iranian State TV was hacked and images of dissidents were displayed for 10 seconds in what seems to be the first of its kind incident in the history of the Islamic nation.  

Viewers were surprised to see Massoud Rajavi, the founder of People’s Mujahedeen (MEK) and his wife Maryam Rajavi for a few seconds and then were forced to see a crossed image of leader Ayatollah Khamenei, with a voice of a man chanting ‘Salute to Rajavi and death to Khamenei.

ISNA News Agency from Iran reported that Reza Alidadi, the head of the state broadcaster’s technology, issued a public apology and added that the attack seems to be a sophisticated one arising from an outside state.

People’s Mujahedin that has now been exiled said that its followers did the hacking of the state tv for 10 seconds and were a retaliation to the latest deeds of Revolutionary Guard, an intelligence branch of Islamic Republic.

Reza Alidadi, a state’s top official, responded to the hack by saying that it involved the technical help of a foreign nation and added that the nation will give a befitting reply to that attack on the broadcaster soon.

Note- In the 1980s, during the regime of Saddam Hussein as a supreme leader of Iraq, MEK fled to the country and took shelter and was nurtured by the said leader for few years. So, during that period, the MEK that was led by Maryam Rajavi was disliked by many in Iran. Now, things seem to have turned merry for the socialist organization that is seen picking up pace again.

Naveen Goud
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