Cyber Attack on Miami Dade School and Teen Arrested

A 16-year old teen who launched cyberattacks on Miami Dade Schools for disrupting online classes was arrested by law enforcement in the early hours of Thursday last week (September 4th,2020). And sources report that the teen was a South Miami High Student who is also been characterized as a devious hacker by some TV media publications.


However, the arrested boy has garnered a lot of support from his neighbors as they are all shocked by the developments that happened in the past three days. As they know him as a well-disciplined boy who likes to help his single mother in daily chores and likes to play baseball in his free time.


As he is a juvenile, the police have requested the media outlets to keep the name of the boy hidden and are intending to charge the boy only with a ‘not-so-serious’ charge of targeting the 4th largest school district with a cyber attack.


David Oliveros, the father of the teen has also been questioned by the police and the law enforcement did not find any evidence of his crime indulgence in the Miami school cyber attack.


Ben Herrera and his wife Mary, who live next door to the Miami teens expressed their concern about the future of the kid. They disclosed their mind that the teen might have launched cyberattacks against the IT infrastructure of the school district out of enthusiasm or for fun.


“He might have done it for fun and with no malicious intention”, said Mary.


Note- On Sunday, the student was released on bail only after being charged with at least 8 criminal counts for launching cyberattacks against the Miami Dade County Public Schools on Sept 3, 2020, for attempting to commit computer fraud and a misdemeanor of interference with the assets of an educational institution- impacting work of nearly 275,000 students and 20K teachers; working virtually to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.


Naveen Goud
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