Cyber Attack on Royal Mail to delay parcels and letter delivery services  

Royal Mail, the Britain-based postal and courier delivery services, has made an official statement that a cyber attack affected all its it systems because of which its parcel and letter delivery services will be deeply affected.

Thus, those using the services can either expect the delivery to be delayed by a couple of days or might be scheduled freshly for next week’s delivery. It is unclear whether the attack was linked to a ransomware variant or a Distributed-denial-of-service aka DDoS attacks.

However, the IT staff of the Royal Mail Group are working their best to restore back life to the services at the earliest.

To those uninitiated, the attack paralyzed the services just when the Federal Aviation Systems of the United States suffered digital disruption due to a technical glitch that was initially thought to be through a cyber-attack.

Moreover, the said postal service suffered a severe business blow at the end of last year, as most of the staff went on a strike over some issues with their jobs, pays and work conditions. A source from renowned news resource Daily Mail told that the letter delivering service took a hitting when over 115,000 of its communication staff members walked out of the company at the end of last year, that made the service incur a loss of £100m- appx.

A third party team of cybersecurity experts were engaged to investigate the incident and they are busy finding who’s behind the cyber incident.

National Cyber Security Centre has taken a note of the incident and will probe any foreign threat actor’s involvement in the incident.

NOTE- Founded in the year 1516, Royal Mail boasts to deliver around 1 million parcels a month and during the peak, like Holiday season, the delivery service might also reach the target of 2.8 million.

Naveen Goud
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