Cyber Attack on Vanuatu paralysis normal life of citizens

Vanuatu, a Republican Country comprising about 80 islands and stretching over 1300 kms, is in news for becoming a target to a sophisticated cyber-attack. The country that is in the South Pacific Ocean was targeted by cyber criminals almost 12 days ago, paralyzing the digital life of the citizens entirely.

Vanuatu Cyber Attack has so far disrupted website-based operations of Pacific Island’s Police Control Room, Prime Minister Office and Parliament taking down whole of their email and intranet systems along with the databases serving hospitals, schools and other emergency services.

About 300,000 of people living in the area cannot pay taxes, invoice bills and gain visas and licenses. And the situation is expected to deteriorate further, as the Christmas season fast approaches.

According to a report in BBC, all email and website domains operating on are affected by attack and the government shut down offices that cannot carry the administrative tasks on a manual note.

The issue started with email bouncing and then the websites, when browsed, showed access errors, triggering panic among the customers.

Vanuatu Daily Post learned about the attack on November 8th of this year and investigated the matter and published that the digital assault was carried out in the early hours of November 4th, 2022.

As the country is close to Australia, the republican state has urged for help from the federal nation and has backed support to rebuild the network.

Beijing has also expressed its concern over the attack and has assured the Pacific Island to help.


Naveen Goud
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