Cybersecurity concerns make US ban China Telecom on its soil


China Telecom has been asked to halt its operations in America within a time frame of 60 days and leave the Biden led nation by early next year. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided based on the order of Justice Department that alleged China Telecom for involving in malpractices that could trigger privacy and security concerns among the populace.

Therefore, China Telecom America, a business unit of its Chinese parent company, is looking into the options of shutting down its operations and moving the business out of America permanently.

During the Trump Era as US President, certain Chinese companies like Huawei and China Telecom were asked to stop their business operations in America as they were found to be exploiting, influencing, and controlling the likes of the American populace as per the stipulations put forward by the Chinese government.

To curb such malpractices in business, FCC has now been directed to block china telecom from conducting any kind of business operations hereafter as per the section 214 authority.

Note–Shanghai based China Telecom is a business unit of China Telecommunications and offers 4G related internet services, digital TV, mobile telephony and fixed line services in countries like Europe, United States and, to a certain extent, in Canada. And as per a media update released by the US regulator, China Telecom offered its mobile network coverage to over 4 million Chinese Americans, 2 million Chinese tourist who visited in between 2016-2019 and to 300,000 Chinese students seeking education in over 1300 American colleges and over 1800 Chinese businesses operating in the Biden led nation so far.

Naveen Goud
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