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CISA of the United States has issued a warning to all public and private entities to stay away from the Royal Ransomware group. They issued an advisory as a part of StopRansomware Campaign and issued some tips that help raise the defense-line against such cyber threats.

Royal Ransomware gang has been active since September 2022 and demands a sum ranging between $1m to $11 million that needs to be paid in Bitcoins. To avoid these attacks, it is best to use protective security measures and keep data secure with encryption.

The NCSC of the United Kingdom opposes Twitter’s decision to forgo multi-factor authentication in the coming weeks. This could spell trouble, as hackers can easily hijack an account to publish scam related campaigns, hate speech, biased political statements and what not.

So, Britain’s cyber arm of GCHQ is urging Twitter users to use other online services in securing their online accounts, by adding an extra layer of security- on top of password managers and a 14-16 character password.

Third is the news related to cybercrime and might interest the male folks! According to a finding of Trend Micro, at least 30% of those involved in cyber crime are women and among those 3% are from Russia.

AI driven stats revealed that nearly half of them were actively taking part in hacking forums as active users.

So, at least in this cyber crime sector, there is no gender bias, and that gives a great sigh of relief!

Fourth, is the news of a Public Transport System of State of Washington being encrypted by a file encrypting malware on February 14th of this year. Pierce Transit, a pooling service related to car and bus, was hit by a ransomware, blocking access to a certain extent to customers. LockBit Ransomware group took a claim of the incident on February 28th 2023 and is reportedly demanding $10 million to free up the data from malware. More details are awaited!

Fifth is the news related to Australian Federal Police(AFP) arresting a 34-year woman for bombarding the email account of a Federal MP with over 32,000 emails. She was arrested on March 1st of this year and the Penrith Local court presented her on March 2nd, 2023, after which they granted her bail with strict conditions. The court scheduled the next hearing for April last week of this year and expect a final decree to be pronounced on that day.


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