Royal Ransomware

Blacksuit Ransomware linked to Royal Ransomware

As per an advisory from the FBI and US-CISA, a forthcoming ransomware variant is set to enter the cybersecurity landscape, marking itself as a rebrand or offshoot of the Royal Ransomware gang, notorious for purportedly amassing around $275 million in 2022. This marks the fourth malware iteration linked to the Royal Ransomware lineage, joining the […]

Information Security News headlines trending on Google

First is regarding a ‘Rapid Security Update’ that is being issued by Apple Inc to all iOS devices and applies to iPads and macOS. The technology giant confirmed that the update is a necessity and can be automatically updated as well, if the settings are tweaked. It disallows hackers from taking control of the device […]

Cybersecurity headlines trending on Google

CISA of the United States has issued a warning to all public and private entities to stay away from the Royal Ransomware group. They issued an advisory as a part of StopRansomware Campaign and issued some tips that help raise the defense-line against such cyber threats. Royal Ransomware gang has been active since September 2022 […]

Royal Ransomware is after the healthcare sector of the United States

Day to day a new ransomware emerges on the web giving us a feeling that the threat seems to be a never-ending saga and is going through evolution with time. Royal Ransomware is the latest file encrypting malware that is on the prowl and is, for now, encrypting only networks related to the healthcare sector […]

Ransomware Attack news headlines trending on Google

The first one is a report released by the FBI stating the earning details of Hive Ransomware Group. FBI issued a joint advisory along with CISA that the said hacking group extorted more than $100m in this financial year by infecting over 1300 victims in 15 months starting from June’21.Victims list include government organizations, communication […]

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