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First is the news related to the FIFA World Cup Football Tournament of 2022 being held in Qatar. Cybersecurity authorities’ managing the event have issued a caution to all those watching the sporting event on television to beware of illegal streaming websites.

Because of high ticket prices, infrastructure issues and the ongoing Christmas season, most of the Football fans will watch their favorite teams on a big screen. So, the demand for a 3-month subscription has grown by 40% online.

To encash the event following, some hackers have started online streaming websites that promise to offer the event live on the television devices in homes. However, some keep up the promise and make extra money by spreading malware to the computing devices or smart TVs, while most of them do not stay on their word after the fee for a quarterly subscription is paid.

So, FIFA is urging all the FIFA event lovers to stay precautious and opt for online subscriptions from noteworthy streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, and Google TV.

Second is the news related to a hacking group from Bangladesh dubbed “Team Mysterious Bangladesh”. Or because of the financial backing from a state, the said team of hackers are focusing more on the education system of India.

In the past 10 days, the said group of cyber criminals hacked the database of Indian Central Board of Higher Education (CBHE) and stole personal identifiable information (PII) such as Aadhaar numbers, names, contact numbers and IFSC Codes of students who remitted fees online.

Information is out that student data from 2004 to 2022 was stolen by the threat actors who also launched a digital attack on a reputed government institution in Tamilnadu, India.

A tweet mentioned on this note claims to have data siphoned from a database belonging to a Delhi based medical institute. However, there is no further conformation from the hackers, except for an unclear screenshot posted on Sunday last week.

Third news belongs to Cloud company Rackspace. According to a press update provided by the cloud firm, a cybersecurity incident that targeted its Hosted Exchange Environment has led to a brief shutdown of the environment. However, the good news is the incident has been contained, and the compromised environment was restored to normalcy through an efficient backup plan. Play Ransomware gang is suspected to be behind the incident.

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