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First news that is trending on the Google search engine is related to a ransomware attack that took place on Germany’s Copper producer ‘Aurubis’. News is out that the world’s second largest producer’s IT systems were hit by a ransomware attack disrupting the digital infrastructure to the core.

Perhaps this is supposed to be the first company related to metals and mining that was hit a by a file encrypting malware in the European nation and believably first from the west.

Aurubis that claims to produce over 1 million tons of copper cathodes every year is yet to confirm the malware attack. However, its spokesperson assured it will release a media update as soon as its preliminary investigations are concluded.

Second is the news related to a malware attack on an external defense contractor service named ForceNet Service. Estimates gathered by forensic experts and available to the media confirm the attack on the service that is used to run the military websites.

Matt Keogh, Minister for external affairs and defense, confirmed the news and added the stolen data was of 2018 and belonged to about 40,000 veterans.

ForceNet that acts as an internal communication platform or, we can say, a social networking website for defense personnel has taken up the matter seriously, as the government of Australia has asked a detailed report from it on this matter by early next week.

Third is the news related to an emergency meeting that the White House will host by the end of this week. It is expected that cyber officials from over 37 countries and 13 multinational firms will take part in the meet to take stringent actions against those spreading ransomware spread and involved in illegal use of cryptocurrencies.

Sources state the meet will be virtual and will see participation from nations such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, India, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Kenya. Representatives from Canada and Croatia are also being expected for the conference.

Mandiant, CrowdStrike, Microsoft, Google, Siemens, SAP, Cyber Threat Alliance are the technology firms that will see participation in the White House Conference on Cybersecurity, likely to be held in Washington on November 3rd,2022.


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