Data Breach at Swindon College England

A cyber attack is reported to have resulted in hackers gaining fraudulent access to the information related to former and current staff, students and apprentices at the Swindon College England. Highly placed sources say that the attack was sophisticated where threat actors gained access to the last 8 years data.

The cyber incident is said to have taken place on September 12this year and the officers from the Digital Investigations and Intelligence Unit (DIIU) are reportedly investigating the incident in coordination with the special team from National Crime Agency of UK. As of now the official website of Swindon College has been pulled down until a thorough the probe is carried out.

So, anyone who might feel affected by the data breach should follow the advice posted on Swindon College’s Twitter handle @SwindonCollege or contact the email ID

Going by the record, founded in 1843 the college was meant to educate employees of the Great Western Railway Company. It started as a technical college providing skills training for rail workers. Then in the early 90s, a School of Art was built to train the younger generation in the subject of Arts.

Presently, Swindon College UK offers BA degree in Graphic design, Illustration, business admins, early childhood studies and Sports Therapy. Since 2016, most BA degrees are being offered in affiliation with Oxford Brookes University at a cost of £7k to £7.5k on an annual note.

Naveen Goud
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