DDoS Cyber Attack on popular Torrent sites!


Popular Torrent sites ExtraTorrent (ET) and The Pirate Bay (TPB) are experiencing DDoS attacks from the past three days causing numerous problems to their respective users.

While ExtraTorent has confirmed that it is experiencing a cyber espionage, Pirate Bay is still unclear what’s causing the problems.

As per the latest press update made by ExtraTorent authorities, the world’s biggest torrent resource is said to experiencing DDoS attacks from past three days. The security experts at the web resource have confirmed that they are in a helpless situation as 40 to 50 million requests from US servers are hitting them every hour.

In the meantime, CloudFlare has revealed in one of its social media posts that it is trying to figure out a solution for this cyber attack from past 12 hours.

Currently, ExtraTorrent has temporarily limited several functions to save its resources. So, many users are unable to login into the website with their respective credentials.

Additionally, the site operators have also removed the added protection against proxy sites and unofficial mirror.

As per our sources, some cyber crooks have sent email messages to the ExtraTorrent support team saying that they have to potential to down the site for hours and days as well. The hackers have been causing 5-10 minutes of interruption to the torrent site from past few days. But today, they went ahead and have downed the site for more than 12 hours.

The hackers are demanding ExtraTorrent administrators to remove the encryption layer which will then allow users to access the website from proxy operators.

In the last couple hours, the site operators somehow managed to keep the website afloat.

But ET servers are still experiencing high loads of traffic and have admitted that the cyber attack is so strong that the repercussions of it might last for next 24 hours.

The Pirate Bay is also in the same situation of downtime. Users who are trying to access the site are getting an error message from CloudFlare saying downtime warning or new Captcha error.

Note- Torrent files are small files which contain the essential metadata information on how to download a larger file using the protocol of BitTorrent.

ExtraTorrent and The Pirate Bay serve such torrent files to their users forming a  peer-to-peer file sharing resource.

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