deBridge Finance confirms Lazarus hacking group behind Cyber Attack


DeBridge Finance, that acts as a cross chain protocol, issued an affirmation that North Korea funded ‘Lazarus’ Group of hackers were behind the infiltration of servers early this year. The confirmation was carried out after a detailed investigation carried out by the company’s IT staff in coordination with a forensic provider.

Getting deep into the details, a notorious hacking group launched a phishing email attack on a few of the employees of deBridge Finance in mid this year. The email was laced with a malicious link and contained the subject line as “New Salary Adjustments”.

Unknowingly, an employee or two apparently clicked on the email. However, they were lucky enough as the threat monitoring system caught hold of the suspicious activity in time and blocked the entire event and was later investigated to know more details about the attack vector and its consequences.

Alex Smirnov, the Co-Founder of deBridge Finance, issued a statement that the company thwarted the phishing incident on time that was launched to target Web3 focused platforms.

Web3 focused platforms are those which give new meaning to the World Wide Web by incorporating decentralization, blockchain technologies and token-based economics.

NOTE- From the past two to three years, North Korea, under the regime of Kim Un Jong, has been launched financially motivated cyber attacks to fund the nuclear ambitions of Jong. Its prime targets so far have been cryptocurrency exchanges, NFT marketplaces, banks, investors and other type of funding organizations.


Naveen Goud
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