DeepMind of Google to use AI to discover drugs faster


DeepMind, a solely owned company of Google, is all set to make drug discovery faster by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Recently, the company cracked a 50 year biology conundrum that basically represents the shapes gained after the folding of proteins. This was achieved by 92% accuracy with the use of data driven by machine learning tools, thus solving one of the tough challenges in the history of science.

Technically, the AI system predicted protein folds are called as AlphaFold that can be achieved with the help of a new AI system that has cracked the occurrence of amino acid sequences in the proteins that are essential for the perpetuation of human race.

Thus, by gauging the shape of the structure by monitoring the interaction between the molecules, researchers can predict how effective a drug will be on a human body and will play a vital role in discovering effective drugs at the earliest, unlike 16-18 months, as a minimum time frame.

AI system AlphaFold was trained with 170,000 protein structures and proved 92% safe in predicting the protein structure. So, such computational technologies can be used in finding drugs for diseases like COVID-19 aka Corona Virus, Cancer and Alzheimer’s as the latest find can help in finding protein structures that were not known on a previous note.

Note- London based DeepMind has been involved in one of the best AI researches by developing intelligent softwares that mimic the thinking power of human mind. One such program that was developed recently is the AlphaGo AI that has the potential to beat any human mind in the board game and has proved its stance by beating professional player Lee Se-dol in the Go-Champion World Championship five times.

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