Deutsche Telekom hacker arrested at London Airport


A British hacker who is suspected to have launched a cyber attack on millions of Deutsche Telekom customers last year was arrested in this week by Britain’s National Crime Agency in coordination with German Police Officials.

As per our sources, the arrested 29-year old was the mastermind behind the major cyber attack which rocked more than 20-million computers of Deutsche Telekom customers. Since the attack was launched on routers, the disruption lasted for almost 31 hours.

After preliminary inquiry made at that time, the German Police officials said that the outage was caused by cyber criminals who launched a worldwide attack on internet routers. But after a detailed inquiry, they concluded that the attack was launched by a computer geek hailing from London.

Cologne Public Prosecutor Dr. Daniel Vollmert said that the arrested person will be extradited to Germany next month and a case will run against him in that country. The offense committed by the young man could yield 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of 7000 Euros.

Dr. Daniel added that the British National was the mastermind behind the cyber attack launched on the German Telecom Giant and the crime was committed by a group of hackers under his instructions from Germany.

Daniel added that Britain Police has seized some evidence against the arrested criminal which proves that he was acting on the instructions given by a foreign nation. The Prosecutor, however, failed to take the name of the nation for obvious reasons.

The government of Germany has already announced that it will take serious action against individuals or groups who are launching a spate of cyber attacks on its critical infrastructure on a monthly note.

As there is enough evidence that the arrested British national was acting on the instructions of a foreign nation, the German government has decided to act seriously against the involved nation in next couple of months.

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