Disney gets sued for invading the privacy of kids!

The American populace is suing Disney for invading the privacy of kids by collecting children’s personal info without getting the consent of their respective parents. A class action lawsuit was filed on this note in Northern California for violating privacy laws by tracking the locations and activities of kids who use Disney’s mobile games.

A plaintiff named Amanda Rushing, backed by several other parents are suing the kid’s entertainment firm for allowing apps such as “Disney Princess Palace Pets” and 42 other mobile games for spying on their users and sending sensitive details such as the player’s location and activities of kids to remote servers.

Cybersecurity Insiders learned that the spying apps developed for both iOS and Android versions by Disney do not ask permission of the Player’s (Kids) parents before their developers use software development kits that allow tracking the user’s location, their online activity, and email ID.

Amanda Rushing specified in her law suit that such spying activity is leading to the flooding of advertisements to the user’s phone. And in some cases, the ads are irrelevant and are being stuffed with A- rated content.

Ms. Rushing also added in her law suit that such surreptitious collection of data is allowing ad companies to persistently identify users and build their online profile which is against The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

The class action law suit has named few software development firms named Unity Technologies, Upsight Inc and Kochava Inc as defendants.

Perhaps Amanda is expecting compensation from the lawsuit against Disney and wants cease and desists to stop the collection of data without permission

Naveen Goud
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