Do It for You: Commit to Cybersecurity Certification Now


It goes beyond digital badges and celebratory selfies. CISSP certification holds measurable value. For qualified professionals, a career in cybersecurity leadership allows you to work where life lands you with near limitless possibilities. CISSP certification is a window to your future in a field that’s in high demand around the globe.

Do it for you. Commit to CISSP certification this year. Even though we’re over halfway through 2023, there’s still time. It just takes planning.

If you don’t hold another ISC2 certification, start your journey by joining ISC2 as a Candidate. You’ll access a long list of benefits, including 20% off online training and up to 50% off textbooks. Your first year is free when you sign up now. If you are a current ISC2 member you can also access those benefits.

Get It on the Calendar

Next up, register for your exam. When you commit to a deadline, you create a clear timeline. And with your exam on the calendar, you’re on track to stay motivated. Once you’ve scheduled your exam, create a study plan by working back from the test date. Block out time every day to prepare.

Start becoming familiar with the topics you’ll be tested using the CISSP exam outline. You’ll study more effectively by dedicating time to each topic based on its importance and complexity. Mark off the domains as you master them for a sense of accomplishment.

Looking for guided learning as you prepare for your CISSP exam? Official ISC2 Training includes flexible online and in-person options to fit every learning style. To help retain what you learn and gauge your exam readiness, tap CISSP self-study tools.

For more exam prep tips, download the free Exam Action Plan. It will help guide you to commit, plan and succeed in achieving your CISSP certification goals. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Exam registration, policies and testing guidelines
  • What to expect on your exam
  • How to prepare with confidence
  • Resources from our team
  • Pro tips to achieve your goals

Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t get discouraged. Once you’re CISSP-certified, you’ll become a recognized member of ISC2, the world’s leading association of cybersecurity professionals, more than 500,000 members, associates and candidates strong and growing. Learn more about ISC2 member benefits.


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