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Dome9 Security, a leader in cloud infrastructure security, today announced support for SaaS Subscriptions on AWS Marketplace. Customers that sign up for the Dome9 Arc SaaS service on AWS Marketplace will now pay for the service through their integrated AWS bill. With the Dome9 Flex for AWS billing model, customers reap the rewards of truly fractional consumption by paying for enterprise-class cloud infrastructure security and compliance only when instances and services are running in their AWS environment.

“The Dome9 Flex for AWS offering from Dome9 will allow AWS Marketplace customers to buy and deploy the Dome9 Arc SaaS platform for end-to-end security and enjoy the benefits of integrated AWS billing,” said Barry Russell, GM, global business development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, AWS, Inc. “With businesses ramping up their use of the cloud for mission-critical workloads, security and compliance of cloud environments is a top priority. Dome9 Arc complements the powerful native capabilities of AWS with simplified security management.”

Customers can conveniently explore and buy the best solutions for their cloud environment on AWS Marketplace. When customers subscribe to Dome9 Flex on AWS Marketplace, there is no separate invoice for Dome9 Arc. Customers get one bill for their AWS service, which includes the Dome9 Security service.

“Dome9’s objective is to not only provide powerful, comprehensive security capabilities for the public cloud, but to also ensure our customers’ transition to the cloud is as seamless as possible,” said Zohar Alon, CEO and co-founder of Dome9 Security. “Dome9 Flex for AWS allows customers to enjoy the benefits of cloud elasticity in the way they consume software-defined security.”

Dome9 Arc allows administrators to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of security and compliance across clouds, accounts and regions. It also allows businesses to monitor and find security issues, fix them and stay fixed with continuous enforcement.

Dome9 is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and achieved AWS Security Competency status at the beginning of 2016. By supporting SaaS Subscriptions on AWS Marketplace, the company furthers its position as a leading security provider for public and multi-cloud environments. The Dome9 Arc platform, which leverages cloud-native, API-based security controls, eliminates the need to install and manage agents on AWS environments and protects built-in services such as Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (Amazon ELB), and AWS Lambda.

The Dome9 service is priced according to the actual instance types in a cloud environment. For example, the service is free for all Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) micro and nano instances, and is priced at $0.02/hour for large and xlarge instances. For more information about pricing tiers and purchasing options for the new Dome9 Flex for AWS, please visit:

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