Dominos customer information leaked on the dark web

Customer data related to Dominos India is up for sale on the dark web says research carried out by Cybersecurity Researcher named Rajshekar Rajaharia. And the bad news is that information related to more than 180 million orders placed by customers is up for sale for just $550,000 only for an individual who makes a deal in a single purchase.


Rajaharia expressed the seriousness of the issue on the Twitter platform and claimed that sensitive details such as the email addresses of those who booked the order, their mobile numbers, GPS Location, and names are up for sale and could trigger phishing or data extortion related cyber attacks in future.


Jubilant Foodworks that takes care of the entire food business of Dominos India admitted the news and says that it is taking all necessary measures to avoid such incidents in the future.  

The company also cleared the air that no financial data was leaked in the incident as its online service doesn’t store any financial information on its servers while taking and processing orders as it is done by a third-party payment gateway.


To those uninitiated, Dominos was in news from April this year as an Israeli security researcher named Alon Gal, also the owner of cyber intelligence firm Hudson Rock disclosed on Twitter that over 13 terabytes of data related to Dominos was up for sale on the dark web and could have been stolen in a malware incident that took place in February this year. As the victim failed to fulfill the demands of the hacker, the cyber crooks chose to put the data on sale on the dark web.


Perhaps, the same information might have been put for sale albeit the financial data related to credit card payments recorded while ordering Pizzas and other stuff by online customers.


Note- From the past couple of months, almost the entire Indian subcontinent is witnessing a lockdown as the Corona Virus-related cases have spiked up to nearly half a million per day. So, at this moment, most businesses related to food are surviving on online orders made by the customers and are making money by serving them and donating a part to the needy and those being treated for the coronavirus. Dominos is one such brand that secretly indulges in philanthropic activities.

Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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