Donald Trump Android Phone usage triggers Mobile Security fears


US President Donald Trump is said to be still using an Android phone for his personal communication. And security experts all around the world suggest that this could lead to a potential mobile security threat if left unchecked.

According to New York Times, Intelligence Agencies have already warned the new US President against Android phone usage as the said Google mobile operating system is said to be vulnerable to all sorts of security threats.

Imagine, if someone finds the number of the president through True Caller or some other service and sends snooping software into it….? What if they know the location feeds of the US President to plan a big conspiracy via Cyber Attacks?

In order to avoid any untoward situation in future, law enforcement agencies have suggested to the US President to use a more secure device like a Blackberry device.

But for some reason, Mr. Trump seems to have some fascination with his Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone which rejected in 2012 and so rejected the plea.

Avi Rosen, CEO of mobile security company Kaymera said that mobile devices which have the capability to connect to the internet are extremely vulnerable to being exploited by hackers. The threat level increases to many folds if the device happens to be a smartphone.

Capturing the data which is on device, recording conversations, location tracking, and even taking video footage of what is happening in the surroundings are some of the melodramatic technological tricks employed by hackers through snooping software.

For this reason, security services operating around the world encourage the use of secured phones to access sensitive and classified info.

The CIA and FBI authorities have already asked Trump to switch to a satellite phone for more secure communication or at least take a look at the Blackberry’s premium model which is said to be the world’s secure mobile phone.

If all this is not possible, security officers close to Donald Trump have suggested to at least upgrade his old Android OS phone to the one with the latest Google Nougat as it gets regular security fixes as updates.

As per our sources, Donald Trump has a penchant for his old Samsung phone as it has proved Lucky for him since 2012. And so, he is not in a mood to part ways with it.

Hope, the newly elected US President goes for a new communication gadget at least for the sake of National Security soon.

Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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