Dublin Airport staff details leaked in Cyber Attack

A cyber attack on Aon Insurance provider has led to the data breach of about 2000 staff members working for Dublin Airport. Prima Facie revealed that the attack was more intense and is more related to Moveit software that could have given access details of the airport staff members.

News is out that Clop Ransomware gang that hacked into the servers of MoveIT gained sensi-tive details of salary and benefits from the servers of the infected computers. After threatening to post the details, the cyber criminals chose to disclose the information to the media as they were more interested in tarnishing the details of Aon Insurance provider.

Since, Dublin Airport staff were function under Aon insurance coverage their details were also leaked onto the dark web, along with the other customers of the London based insurance service provider.

Stealing classical details of employees can lead to identity thefts and phishing attacks. Criminals can also use the data to threaten the victims and such.

Financial details can fetch hackers a handsome amount on the dark web as such data often sells like hot cakes in the dark world. The price of data might go from $50 to $1200 per 1000 accounts depending on its freshness and sensitivity.

Banking companies are nowadays showing a lot of interest in raising the security bar of the way their customer info is being stored and process. Encryption, multi factor authentication, not storing all details on one server are some of the practices that can mitigate risks associated with data leaks.

NOTE- DAA that manages global airport retailing of DA hasn’t reacted to the news yet!

Naveen Goud
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