EasyJet Cyber Attack leaks 9 million Customer Details


London based low-cost airliner ‘EasyJet’ is reported to have become a victim of a cyber-attack in January this year leaking email and travel details of more than 9 million of its customers to hackers.


Reports are in that credit card details of more than 2 million customers were also leaked in the sophisticated attack which the airliner disclosed yesterday while it was following a lockdown schedule by grounding all its flights due to COVID 19 pandemic.


A press update released by EasyJet says that no passport numbers of its customers were compromised in the attack and there is no evidence that the accessed details were being misused.


EasyJet has reassured its customers that such incidents will never take place in the future as it has taken Cybersecurity very seriously after the incident. Also, the company will inform all impacted customers via email after May 26th,2020.


Johan Lundgren, the CEO of EasyJet has confirmed the Cyber Attack and said that his company will stay agile to stay ahead of the cyber threat. Lundgren confirmed that his company has hired the services of forensic experts to probe the issue and has also informed the ICO and the National Cyber Security Center- a cyber arm of GCHQ.


Highly placed sources say that the attack could have been launched by a hacking group funded by Chinese intelligence and an investigation has been launched to probe the matter on a detailed note.


Note- From March 30th,2020 the airliner has grounded all its flights due to worldwide travel restrictions imposed due to Corona Virus spread and is still unsure when its services will resume. However, in mid-April, it flew over 650 rescue flights taking back over 45,000 people on the UK government’s request.

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