Elon Musk to develop maximally curious AI robots with xAI


Twitter Chief Elon Musk has stepped into the technology of Artificial Intelligence by launching a new AI based startup named ‘xAI’. The startup will be poised not against the humanity, but will help build systems that will be maximally curious and not programmed with moral guidelines.

xAI will be developing models that will exhibit a lot of curiousness in knowing more about humanity, rather than being induced with commands that can go against humans anytime.

Thus, to avoid apocalyptic AI Scenarios, xAI will work in lines of pro-humanity, and can never go out of control.

Remember, the Tesla chief was the first man to launch a formal online feeding into to the minds of other tech enthusiasts to support him on raising his voice against the pause of AI developments across the world. Although, the Apple Chief lent his voice for a while, he was never against the wise use of the tech to benefit the world.

Surprisingly, the same person (Musk in reference) who owns a billion-dollar Starlink Satellite Internet service has invested in an AI based startup, with an excuse that it offers maximally cu-rious AI bots, unlike detrimental OpenAI ChatGPT, now owned by Microsoft.

NOTE- OpenAI the developer of ChatGPT, the conversational bot has struck a deal with much renowned Associated Press and as a part of this deal, the news resource will be sharing its 38-45 years of news archives with Microsoft, so that the content can be fed into its bot and will remain active for years to come. This deal was eyed by xAI as its first project. But it did not work out as the acquisition deal was delayed by the Twitter Chief’s staff for various reasons.

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