Employee of T-Mobile hacks internal systems to unlock and unblock phones


A T-Mobile employee, who has been now ousted from the post, was found guilty of indulging in a $25 million scam where he hacked into the internal systems of mobile carrier to unlock and unblock cell phones on network.

Argishti Khudaverdyan, a 41-year-old from California, had the privilege of working for T-Mobile as a retail store owner. He indulged in false practices of unlocking devices without the consent from cellular networks and ran a fraudulent scheme between 2014-2019, making millions from it.

Because of such fraudulent practices, many rightful owners faced legal hassles and lock down of devices, because of which they went through a lot of stress and mental agony.

Khudaverdyan has been found guilty in all malpractices of unblocking of cellphones not only on T-Mobile network but also other network carriers such as AT&T and Sprint. So, he might face a jail term for 20 years for indulging in wire frauds, illegal infiltration of T mobile servers, money laundering and other criminal conspiracies and his due fate will be known on October 17,2022.

NOTE– Khudaverdyan indulged in such practices by colluding with some internal employees of the said companies and gained control of over 50 T-Mobile employees holding top ranks in the said firms and of those having special digital privileges. He then used those credentials to indulge in crime and other malicious activities. The law enforcement is investigating the incident to the core and might also file separate cases on such insider threats- if/when found guilty.


Naveen Goud
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