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T- Mobile agrees to pay $350 million for Cyber Attack Data Breach 2021

The data breach that occurred on the servers of T-Mobile last year is soon going to fetch an eligible for a payout to settle a litigation. However, the pay will be done scientifically and only to those millions whose personal information was exposed to the hackers. T-Mobile issued a public statement that it was not […]

Employee of T-Mobile hacks internal systems to unlock and unblock phones

A T-Mobile employee, who has been now ousted from the post, was found guilty of indulging in a $25 million scam where he hacked into the internal systems of mobile carrier to unlock and unblock cell phones on network. Argishti Khudaverdyan, a 41-year-old from California, had the privilege of working for T-Mobile as a retail […]

T Mobile to offer data priority services to first responders

After analyzing many situations like the Uvalde Texas Shooting attack that killed 19 people including 17 children and 2 adults(teachers) T Mobile has come up with a new data priority strategy applicable to all first responders across the United States. The telecom company announced that it will offer a free network upgrade to all those […]

T Mobile agrees to pay $500 million to settle 2021 Data Breach lawsuit

In order to settle a class action lawsuit filed against it for failing to protect the information of about 76-million of its customers, T-Mobile has agreed to shell out $500 million as compensation. Revealing the proposal of agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, T-Mobile assured it will use a portion of the announced amount […]

T Mobile Business confirms data breach again

T Mobile’s Executive Vice President Mike Katz issued an update on his LinkedIn page, a sophisticated cyber attack resulting in data breach that apparently occurred last week targeting some of the business customers of his company. The consequences of the attack are yet to be estimated. However, Mr. Katz told that the impact of the […]

T-Mobile pays $200,000 to buy its customer data from hackers

T-Mobile suffered a data breach last year and tried to buy its data back from hackers after paying an amount of $200,000 against the demanded 6 BTC. But it seems the negotiations failed and the cyber crooks continued their activity of selling the data in a freshly breached hack of the firm named Company 3. […]

Details of T-Mobile December 2021 Data Breach

T Mobile that suffered a massive data breach in August this year has again fallen prey to a similar hack in December 2021 that saw information leak of a small set of the telecom company customers. According to those reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the attack took place in three forms, with the first targeting […]

Serious probe on T-Mobile Cyber Attack 2021

We all known that a few weeks ago, American Telecom Giant T-Mobile experienced a cyber attack in which data related to over 54.6m individuals was exposed to hackers and that includes information such as addresses, names, DoBs, phone numbers, social security numbers, driving license details, IMEI numbers, IMSI numbers and some credit card info related […]

Over 100 million customer data stolen in T-Mobile Cyber Attack

T-Mobile that occupies over 35% of mobile subscriber base in United States has launched a detailed probe after receiving several media concerns that over 100 million T mobile customer data was available on sale on the dark web. Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that a hackers group has published the stolen data on a hacking forum […]

Hackers’ data breach T Mobile servers for second time in 2020

For the second time in year 2020, the servers of T-Mobile were infiltrated by hackers who later accessed some customers’ information related to the subsidiary of German Telecom Company Deutsche Telekom AG. An investigation launched at the end of Dec’2020 revealed that the threat actors entered the servers and siphoned data related to customer proprietary […]

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