T Mobile Business confirms data breach again

T Mobile’s Executive Vice President Mike Katz issued an update on his LinkedIn page, a sophisticated cyber attack resulting in data breach that apparently occurred last week targeting some of the business customers of his company.

The consequences of the attack are yet to be estimated. However, Mr. Katz told that the impact of the data breach could vary by business and individual. Prima facie revealed that details such as business names, federal tax IDs, the physical location of the businesses, contact names, business phone numbers, and information pertaining to individuals such as social security numbers, government ID numbers, driving licenses, names, date of births and phone numbers were accessed by hackers.

T Mobile Business is yet to release a formal update on the incident. But the LinkedIn page of the company’s Vice President did spill some details about the event.

Currently, there is no information on whether financial information, such as credit card details and account passwords,wase stolen in the attack.

A media statement is being prepared over the issue and will be released shortly. And affected customers will be informed about the cyber attack and assurance will be provided to them that such incidents will never take place in the future.

NOTE 1- T Mobile Data Breach 2022 is not the first embarrassment the company is facing. For the past two years, it is facing such digital embarrassments from time to time and is failing to take necessary measures, despite an assurance from its senior management that the company has all appropriate cybersecurity measures in place to curtail such cyber issues.

NOTE 2- T Mobile has made an official announcement that it will be replacing equipment provided by China’s Huawei’s 5G technology with Ericsson from Sweden.


Naveen Goud
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