EU 5G Mobile Networks are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks


European Union shortly called as EU has issued a public statement yesterday saying that its next-generation 5G networks were vulnerable to cyber attacks from state-funded actors. Although the warning did not name any country specifically, it’s known that the western nations fear a threat from countries like China, Russia or Iran.


Reacting to the statement, Huawei which happens to be the prime supplier of 5G network equipment to EU stated that it is prepared to address the fears of its European partners on network security- if it is allowed to do so.


To those who are ignorant of the happenings in the world of 5G, here’s a piece of news share. In May this year, US President Donald Trump imposed a ban on the use of Huawei’s 5G network equipment in public and private entities- all due to security concerns. This deteriorated the situation and triggered a trade war between Washington and Beijing which further led to consequences such as banning other Chinese companies like Hikvision from doing trade in the whole of North America.


On the request of Trump, other countries like Australia, Japan, Germany, Canada, and New Zealand also announced a trade ban on products and services being offered by Huawei in their countries respectively. However, Britain did not oblige the request to continue its trade with the Chinese telecom vendor in full swing.


At this juncture, the country issuing a cyber attack warning on its future 5G equipment is surprising. It’s unknown whether the EU members fear attacks from adversaries or United States as retaliation for disobeying requests.


Note 1- The statement was issued by the European Commission and Finland on a joint note.


Note 2- Chinese vendor Huawei has a reputation of offering equipment related to 5G networks across the globe. Its services are being used by billions of devices, cameras, sensors of most of the futuristic smart cities, homes, and offices on a current note.


Note 3- Depending on a single vendor for all needs are indeed risky say, experts.


Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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