Expeditors and Meyer ransomware attack news and Conti gang involvement


A ransomware attack hit Meyer Corp USA, a company that is into the business of Kitchenware, in October last year. And details are now in that Conti Ransomware gang who stole valuable information targeted all of its subsidiaries.

Highly placed sources say that the breach occurred on October 25th, 2022 and was discovered in the last month of the same year disrupting IT services for subsidiaries like Hestan Smart Cooking, Hestan Vineyards, and Blue Mountain Enterprises LLC along with Hestan Commercial Corp.

Interestingly, after making a preliminary inquiry the authorities concluded that the members of Conti gang stole data such as first name, last name, addresses, date of births, gender, race or ethnicity, social security numbers, health insurance details, medical info, driving license details, passport or other government ID related details and PRC details along with immigration status.

Meyer was not interested in negotiating with hackers as they were demanding $30m to decrypt the data. And news is out that the file encrypting malware gang also chose to prove their stance by offering a 246 MB file that represented 2% of stolen data. But the company decided to recover its assets from backups instead of paying the cyber criminals, as it not only encourages crime but also doesn’t guarantee an exchange key for sure.

Second is the news related to a Seattle based logistics company named Expeditors International that was targeted by ransomware spreading criminals leading to disruption of its business operations to a large extent.

The gang behind the ransomware infection is yet to be detected. But the IT staff of the freight arranging company stated that the attack could have hit its vital services such as transportation, warehousing, supply chain, customs and compliance along with distribution business.

More details awaited!

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