Failed Cyber Attack on Paris Hospital Authority


While entire Europe is busy containing the spread of Coronavirus, the news is out that a failed cyber attack on the Paris Hospital Authority aka AP-HP was attempted on March 22nd of this year.

AP-HP stands for Assistance Publique- Hopitaux de Paris and is a very popular University Hospital Trust in Paris.

Highly placed sources say that the attack was launched to disrupt the digital operations of the hospital trust to hinder the containment operations of Covid-19 spread. But fortunately, the incident was launched on time by the authorities and was significantly curbed at the right moment.

AP-HP happens to be the largest hospital network across Europe and is into offering services like research, prevention, healthcare, teaching, and education along with 24×7 emergency medical services.

So, disrupting the operations of such trust means making the people of the region suffer and this might have been the motive of the hackers who launched the digital attack on the hospital trust.

Furthermore, as trust happens to be sharing its duties with military hospitals such as Val-de-grace, the threat actors might have had the intention of infiltrating the military operations via the network of AP-HP.

Note– Last week a group of hackers pledged that they will not launch cyberattacks on healthcare providers across the world due to the outbreak of Corona Virus Pandemic. But from the past couple of days, reports are in that the US Health and Human Services Department and Australian government’s internet network were hit by cyber incidents such as DDoS and Ransomware……please have some mercy guys!

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