FBI Chief denounces Chinese Cyber Attacks on US


FBI Director Christopher Wray has condemned the Cyber Attacks launched by Chinese Intelligence on the Public and Private IT infrastructure operating in United States and stated that attacks had the potential to cause economic harm which still defies calculation.

“The attacks amounted to one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history”, said Mr. WRAY categorizing China as a technology innovator and an abuser of America’s intellectual property just to defy competition from the Donald trump led a nation in all fields.

The comments emerged when State Secretary Mike Pompeo announced earlier this week that United States is considering imposing a ban on a few of the Chinese apps like TikTok, UC Browser, ShareIt, WeChat citing National Security concerns.

Apparently, United States was the first nation in the world to impose a ban on the equipment and services supplied by Chinese Telecom vendors ZTE and Huawei in 2018, making other nations like Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Australia follow the suite from mid 2019.

Although WRAY was not ready to quote the exact financial figure caused due to the Chinese espionage, he said that the numbers presented before him by the law enforcement were breathtaking.

Note- From the beginning, China has been condemning the allegations put forth by United States and stated that it has no intention to breach the privacy of other nations. Huawei reiterated the same as a fact and stated that it will no more entertain any negative media speculations made against it and will only work with nations which welcome it with an open heart.

Naveen Goud
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