France Inetum group hit by Ransomware


    France-based IT services provider named Inetum Group was reportedly hit by a ransomware attack on December 19th, 2021, disrupting some of its critical operations to a certain extent and causing inconvenience to certain of its customers.

    Inetum that offers services to companies functioning in over 26 nations said that the malware attack was limited to only some of its servers and timely action prevented the attack from affecting its larger infrastructure serving customers.

    Incident Response team of Inetum was quick enough to respond to the file encrypting malware attack caused by the exploitation of Log4j vulnerability.

    Law enforcement agencies have taken a note of the incident and have revealed that the initial investigations made by them have revealed the involvement of BlackCat ransomware also known with names such as Noberus and Alphv.

    Cybersecurity Researchers from Symantec of Broadcom state that BlackCat written in RUST Programming language targets Vmware loaded virtual machines and hypervisors and can spread to other workstations and networks operating on Windows and Linux within no time.

    According to an analysis made by MalwareHunter Team, ALPHV can engage in double extortion tactics and threatens its victim of tarnishing the image in business space by revealing the attack details and consequences to customers, partners and to staff members.

    Note- Ransomware spreading gangs are found to be moving from C & C++ to Rust language and the recently discovered cyber crime groups, such as Buerloader and FickerStealer are the best examples to prove it.

    Naveen Goud
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