Fubo TV World Cup FIFA Football streaming disrupted by Cyber Attack


Fubo TV, the New York based sports streaming service offering firm has disclosed that it was hit by a cyber-attack on Wednesday this week, disappointing millions of football fans by not being able to stream the World Cup Semifinal match between Morocco and France where the latter defeated the former with 2-0 points tally.

The Live Sports Streaming platform apologized caused to its users and assured that it will maintain transparency on the incident.

It also issued a clarification that the incident had nothing to do with the bandwidth constraints and said the issue was being probed by the law enforcement and a 3rd party security firm Mandiant.

Meanwhile, an online news resource from the same state of America reported the incident as of ransomware genre and stated that it will add more details in the coming week.

FuboTV is an online multi-channel video streaming provider in lines with YouTube and Hulu TV. Its coverage on FIFA was much appreciated by most of the fans across North America. But a slight pause in the semi-final made the company lose a portion of customers, who turned premium exclusively to watch the football world cup event.

Cyber Attacks on the streaming services was expected and there might be a foreign nation involvement in this conspiracy as ‘Anonymous’ has issued an update on Twitter that it was not happy with football event being hosted when Ukraine was suffering with war consequences from Russian Federation.


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