Google AI research resisting lady sets up new AI Institute


Timnit Gebru, a former AI researcher of Google, has announced that she has set up a new research institute that will counter misuse influence and control of multinational tech companies in research, development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Ms. Gebru who was fired by the Alphabet Inc’s business subsidiary for emailing concern against Google’s commitment in AI related R&D has named her institute as the Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (DAIR) and announced that it will act as a free to use researching platform for independent developers working on AI research and will be liberated of all kinds of industry influences and will be rich in ethics and will strive for well-being of humankind.

Gebru has been clear in her aim of setting up DAIR that acts as an AI related R&D platform that values equity and humanity by cutting down risks in the technology’s misuse.

The 38-year-old lady from Ethiopia feels that the harms of AI can be prevented, if we take proper precaution in its research and deployment and when it is implemented on people and communities.

“Like every tech, AI usage has its own pros and cons. Though, all depends on the person who is using it and the motive behind the usage,” added Timnit Gibru.

DAIR will be financially supported by John D of Ford Foundation and Catherine from MacArthur Foundation along with a bit of monetary back-up from the Kapor Center’s Open Society Foundation.

Note- Till Dec’2020, Gibru worked as a Co-lead of Google’s Ethical AI team.

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