Google introduces Context-Aware Cyber Threat detection to Chronicle

Google Cloud has introduced a context-aware update to its Chronicle security platform that will help in detecting threats in a more efficient way. Currently, the new update is available for a public preview and will help in making alerts more actionable.

The announcement comes within one month of the acquisition of Cybersecurity firm Mandiant and last month Siemplify, which offers security orchestration and automation-filled response tools.

Google Cloud might think of delivering end-to-end security to its enterprise customers and so introduced Context-aware threat detection to its Chronicle platform.

“With the latest announcement Google is acknowledging all its IT Stack-related customer needs at one go”, says Chronicle in its latest blog post.

As most of the security teams are facing alert fatigue while dealing with enormous volumes of alerts, the “Context-Aware” feature will help support only the information coming from multiple authoritative resources to treat it as a single detection event.

As most of the alerts will be addressed on an automated note, the response and recovery time can be sped up, as it drastically reduces the time required to make contextual understanding much needed for investigatory action.

The availability of the context-aware threat detection on Chronicle is yet to be made official but is expected to be released by September this year.

Recently, Google Cloud introduced a new feature that alerts users about Cryptocurrency mining software in virtual machines, that consumes all the computing resources meant for the customer application.

Come October, the prices of certain google services will also increase and will solely depend on the usage of the customers.

Charges for outbound data processing for cloud load balancing will also increase and so will be the pricing on network topology, though based on the performance requirement of the customers.

However, those on committed contracts with floating or fixed discounts need not worry as the pricing change will not affect them.


Naveen Goud
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