Hacker releases Rockstar Video Game in advance

In what seems to be an attempt made for the first time, a hacker leaked the Grand Theft Auto VI to an online forum before Rockstar could release it to the game lovers on an official note. And unconfirmed sources state that the attack could have been launched by Lapsus$ Ransomware spreading hacker named Teapotuberhacker.

On request of the video game maker, the twitter handle that made the revelation was suspended by the social media giant and all images and videos related to the upcoming game were pulled down.

Take Two Interactive software that owns Rockstar and is stands as an official publisher of GTA Games us yet to react to the news, as it has to provide an update after thorough investigation is completed by its IT teams.

However, the company asserted that the network invasion and information leak about the game in advance would not delay the gaming project.

From the past 4 years, gamers were waiting for GTA VI and in February this year, the game developers announced they are planning to release the game in October 2022. Now, after the game info leak, it seems like the protagonist is going to be a female this time and will hold a name Latina and will play the opposite to bank robbers Clyde and Bonnie.

According to research conducted by Bank of America, GTA VI is said to ring in revenue bells worth $3.5 billion at the launch and $2 billion thereafter. Such is the expected craze for the game reception and sales.

Wonder how the hacker/s is connected to the lapsus$ group?


Naveen Goud
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