Highly secure Quantum Internet might take away all concerns related to Cyber Security


Researchers from Sussex University have found a way to offer super fast and hyper-secure quantum internet all by exploring the technology of Quantum Computing Entanglement. The objective behind the invention is to insulate the sensitive computers from the influence of hackers.

We all know that a quantum computer can easily do complex calculations which supercomputers could take billions of years to carry out. But on the other hand, quantum computing is highly sensitive to environmental interference that can easily disrupt a signal.

So, researchers have now found that microwave technology can be used to insulate the devices and protect them from this issue.
Scientists believe that their new research finding could help in creating unhackable digital connections, help find cures for dementia, create new pharmaceuticals and develop more efficient fertilizers.

Technically speaking, quantum entanglement allows 2 particles to respond instantly if in case something happens to either one of them. This link, which the world-renowned Einstein has already defined as “Spooky action at a distance” can be used in a practical way to make quantum connections ultra secure.

So, when the same technique is induced into the web connection, it can help destroy the data if a hacker makes an attempt to break into the network.

Small-scale quantum computers which now exist have only a handful of quantum bits. But they have to be operated in highly controlled environments and lack processing power required to solve complex problems as they do not have the required number of qubits.

To solve issues related to environmental noise, the team has worked with theoretical scientist Dr. Florian Mintert and colleagues from Imperial College London. They found that microwave technology can solve this issue. Already a quantum computer prototype has been developed with the help of the same technology and is being used in the laboratory at the University of Sussex.

More details will be updated shortly!

Note 1- Entanglement means creating a pair of ‘Qubits’- a particle which can occupy a combination of a binary number 1 or 0 on a simultaneous note.

Note 2-In computers language a bit must either be 1 or 0 and data is stored in a specific arrangement of this binary code.

Note 3-Qubits collapse to one or the other when observed – scattering them in different directions. However, these are highly susceptible to environmental noise.

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