Holy See Vatican website hit by Cyber Attack


After Vatican Pope Francis condemned Russia for launching a war on Ukraine, a digital attack disrupted various websites of the Holy See. Earlier, it was thought that the website was unavailable for access due to a technical glitch.

But Matteo Bruni, the spokesperson of the Holy See Vatican website Vatican.vu has issued a statement that various web portals related to the holy city were hit by abnormal attempts of access and that showed the attack was of a DDoS variant.

Getting deep into the matter, Pope Francis issued a statement early this week stating that Moscow’s Invasion of Kyiv was Barbaric and added that soldiers from ethnic minority communities were being forced to join the war that was going on since Feb this year, which means from the past 10 months.

Chechens and Buryatis started a protest against the activity of disproportionately drafting soldiers into the war with Ukraine, resulting in riots against the illegal mobilization.

Adding to this was the comment made by Prime Minister of Mongolia, who stated that ethnic minorities were being used as “Cannon Fodder” and decided to open his country borders for those interested in fleeing the war draft.

Thus, there is a high probability that Kremlin funded Killnet might has launched a cyber attack on See of Rome’s websites as a retaliation to the comments made by Pope Francis such as “The madness of war” and “The innocent are paying for war”.


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