InAuth’s mobile security platform gets strengthened by biometric authentication

InAuth has announced that it has added biometric authentication to its InMobile mobile device security platform which will allow it to deliver identification solutions with fully integrated and secure biometric recognition. Thus the newly enriched solution will allow mobile users to add a native fingerprint sensor to authenticate users by adding a 2-factor security.

Technically exploring, Inmobile Biometrics feature is built on InAuth Trusted Path Architecture which prevents data compromise by providing a directly and fully secure channel which allows transmission of data between customer and an organization/web service.

Thus, the newly added solution ensures that every communication is encrypted end to end, is digitally signed and is safeguarded against replay attacks.

InAuth’s new biometric authentication allows iOS and Android device manufacturers to build fingerprint scanners. The functionality is being implemented when the demand for fingerprint scanners from the mobile markets is ripe.

As per a survey launched by IDC, by 2022, all new smartphones will feature the technology of biometric authentication. Already, the all new Samsung S8 comes with mobile security features such as fingerprint scanner and Iris detection. Pretty soon, Apple is also coming up with a new set of similar security features in its new model of iPhones.

Note- InAuth is a California based company which offers data-driven authentication and fraud detection solutions. Apart from providing solutions like persistent device management, dynamic device identifier, device asserted identity, advanced root detection, and malware detection services; the company also provides advanced browser security solutions, browser intelligence, mobile browser intelligence and mobile fraud detection solutions.

Naveen Goud
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