Infographic: Containers – tiny solutions for whale-sized challenges

This post was originally published here by casey pechan.

We’ve been talking quite a bit about containers lately, and for good reason. CloudPassage recently announced Project Azul, our single-platform container security solution with automated compliance and security controls to monitor and secure containers, for example in Docker.

And as you may know, container adoption is seeing some explosive growth. According to DataDog, 15% of hosts were running Docker as of early 2017. This is up dramatically from the near 0% of hosts who were running it in early 2014. In fact, since Docker burst onto the container scene in 2013, the company has now become ubiquitous with containerization. They’ve fostered a great community, and with it an immensely vast container library.

Want to learn more about about containers? Check out the infographic below! You’ll learn about Docker, the history of containerization practices, and what makes containers so easy to use.

More than a trend, containers are here to stay.

Containers infographic




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