Insufficient Mobile Security, Business Enterprises at Risk

    Significance of Mobile Device use in Enterprises

    Living in an advanced, technology-controlled culture today has its perks, especially for business enterprises and the likes. In a fast-paced world, enterprises which have more control of the cyber market industry have greater probabilities of achieving economic growth and stability.

    Accordingly, in order for these firms to achieve success in their business endeavors, they have to have full access to the cyber trade and industry. Hence, they take account the use of mobile devices in carrying out occupational tasks such as email access, data management and online business communications, among others. Simply put, mobile devices, particularly with the use of its apps, have made it trouble-free for employees to flexibly meet their work demands on a daily basis, both functionality and time-wise.

    Mobile applications which have been made available for Android and Apple devices have reached to a far-reaching number of 2.2M and 2M apps, respectively. Among these apps are dozens which have provided services and ease for many enterprises’ online business functions.

    However, not all gains bring only the good but may even have their own disadvantages to boot. The booming number of developed and market-available mobile apps has posed a threat to its client enterprises as well, particularly, in terms of the security of their materials and highly-classified information being put privately online. In a sense, the word ‘privately’ would become a questionable term to use, as far as lodging one’s enterprise valuables via online apps is concerned.  

    Cybercriminals on the rise

    Cybercrime has posed a serious threat to many enterprises today due to the systematic attacks that they carry out, that is, through the pipeline of vulnerable mobile applications.

    Basically, cybercriminals have become more delinquently active since the explosion of mobile apps. This is for the fact that these culprits consider taking advantage of stolen information, hacking and faking identity, among other tactics, as some of the quickest ways to make money. Thus, vulnerable mobile securities serve as gateways for cybercrime.

    Mobile apps: how vulnerable could they be?

    According to reports, 74% of Cyber Security Leaders have experience data security breach, of which 38% were caused by apps with security exposure, 36% of which contained malicious software, and 30% of which were link to having susceptible WiFi connections.

    Safety measures to consider

    Cybercrimes can happen at any time and hackers will try their best to infiltrate highly confidential data and assets of any vulnerable enterprises for their benefit. The good news for companies is that such unfortunate economic fate can be avoided. Business firms simply need to consider re-evaluating their security approach and educate their workers and employees about the proper and critical selection and use of mobile applications as much as possible. If needs be, enterprises must continue to search and invest for the right mobile security solutions and defenses and keep them up to date at all times. 


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