IoT device maker Sierra Wireless hit by Ransomware attack


Canada-based Internet of Things (IoT) maker Sierra Wireless has been hit by ransomware attack bringing certain production operations of the company to a halt. However, the company has issued a public statement that none of the customer products were hit by the file encrypting malware incident as the malware impact was restricted to only manufacturing sites.

Sierra Wireless claims the incident has disrupted internal systems along with the website as it is still under maintenance. The company that offers devices related to mobile computing and machine to machine communications with cellular network integration is still unsure when its IT infrastructure will restore back its operations to normalcy.

Details about the ransomware that stuck with the company and the ransom demand have been kept under wraps as the cyber attack is still under investigation.

The company has however cleared the air that all appropriate Cybersecurity measures have been taken to avoid such situations in the future.

Highly placed sources say that the gang that was involved in the attack was indulging in double extortion and so it could be REvil aka Sodinokobi or RYUK.

Note– The products that Sierra Wireless produces are used in various industries like automobile, transportation and energy and healthcare fields. It has over 550 unique patents on record and is mainly related to antennas, product form factors those belonging to network efficiency improvements. In 2012, the business firm in association with Simon Fraser University has opened a Mobile Communications Laboratory that invents many inventions in applied physics such as Airlink and Airvantage.

Naveen Goud
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