Johnson and Johnson to use Artificial Intelligence to develop drugs  


Johnson and Johnson(J&J) in association with BenevolentAI, are all set to release drugs that were developed with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The latter achieved this after acquiring London based Janssen, a business subsidiary of J&J that will use multiple drug candidates to treat dreaded diseases.

It is a known fact that some molecule compounds come with a ton of clinical benefits which, when extracted in the right way, will help in discovering innovative medicines for the N number of biological diseases.

BenevolentAI in association with Janssen, will harness a new tech that will allow find best-in-class medicines for a variety of diseases, all with the help of novel clinical drug candidates.

For those uninitiated, BenevolentAI is not the first company to use AI technology in finding medicines for diseases. Last year, Insilico Medicine that is also into the biopharma industry also introduced a similar tech that is being currently used in its Pharma AI division meant to discover new drugs for little known diseases.

The company is also working on a medicine that can also put a full stop to the Omicron variant of COVID-19. However, the new technology is still under development and might be dedicated to the medical community by this year’s end.

According to internal sources of the AI tech company, it will have a wholesome right to develop, manufacture, and commercialize novel drug candidates and has already begun Phase IIb trials since 2017.


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