Kaiser Permanente employees targeted by cyber attack and info of 70k staff breached


Kaiser, an American healthcare managed service provider, issued a public statement that a cyber incident could have leaked details of its 70,000 individuals to a malicious third party.

The company that claims to have over 300,000 staff members to deliver healthcare plans to customers across the country said in the statement that it discovered the security incident on April 5th of this year and assured it has taken all appropriate measures to eradicate such incidents in the future and one such measure includes a reset of password and training the employees to mitigate such risks with ease.

Medical records of patients, their first name and last name, lab test results, and date of service were the details that were accessed by hackers. Hackers did not access card data and social security numbers.

NOTE- Kaiser Permanente, better recognized as Kaiser, is an American organization that offers one of the largest non-profit healthcare plans in the United States for over 12 million members. It has a staff count of 300k and includes 80k doctors and nurses. In the past few years, the company has been constantly hitting news headlines for presenting false records and patient dumping. And in the year 2021, regulators were supposed to impose a hefty penalty on the company for ill-treating patients with mental issues and how it was diverting its cash reserves. In December last year, a section of media claimed Kaiser to have become a victim of a ransomware attack. However, an investigation launched thereafter proved all these allegations as untrue.

Naveen Goud
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