Kaspersky Lab signs Cyber Threat Intelligence agreement with Interpol


Kaspersky Lab has decided to raise its commitment towards fighting cybercrime and so has signed a Cyber Threat Intelligence agreement with INTERPOL. And according to sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the agreement is designed as a legal framework to facilitate and develop cooperation between Kaspersky and Interpol by sharing data related to threat intelligence on the latest cybercrime activities taking place across the globe.

Kaspersky has made a public announcement yesterday on this issue and added that till date its experts have regularly cooperated with INTERPOL to share info related to fresh cyber threat discovered/happened in member countries.

The Russia based security firm added in its statement that it will stay committed to fighting cybercrime in near future by offering assistance to Interpol in testing and improving a free open-source tool that enables quicker and easier cyber threat research.

Therefore, the new agreement will strengthen the bond between the two organizations as it formalizes the exchange of data that can support INTERPOL in investigations related to cyber attacks on organizations operating around the world.

NOTE 1 – Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to notify that Kaspersky security software has been banned from being used in government agencies across the United States. The reason, the US intelligence has found evidence that the security firm is passing on critical info of its US clients to Russian Intelligence. The firm has already issued a clarification on this issue and said that the reports being reported by few media sources are completely baseless.

Note 2- Interpol stands for International Police Organization and is headquartered in France. It is a neutral organization which focuses on public safety and battles transnational crimes such as cybercrime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, illicit drug production and trafficking, Child P$%^, money laundering, corruption, terrorism …etc.

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