Kaspersky software leaks US NSA data to Russian Intelligence

The Wall Street Journal has accused Kaspersky security software of leaking US government data to Russian intelligence. The news resource added that it has evidence to prove its claims and said that it has passed on the information to the National security agency.

The data theft took place when an NSA contractor stored highly sensitive information related to NSA on his home computer.

And the Kaspersky security software loaded onto his computer for malware detection passed on the info to Russian hackers.
According to the news post, the leaked data is supposed to be highly classified US cyber secrets of 2015 pertaining to National Security Agency (NSA).

Reacting to the report published in the Journal, Republican Senator Ben Sasse, a member of the Senate Arms Services Committee said that the report is alarming ‘If true’. Sasse added that NSA should get its head out of the sand and solve all issues related to its contractors.

Note- Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to make a note of the point that Kaspersky Software products are now banned from US government networks from last month due to the suspicion that they help the Kremlin in conducting espionage.

Meanwhile, Kaspersky has been denying allegations put forward by the Wall Street Journal. It says that the news resource is putting allegations without having any substantial evidence on hand.

James Lewis, a cybersecurity expert with the Washington based Center for Strategic and International Studies says that the info sounds credible, though he did not have any firsthand info on what was being transpired.

Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who took up the matter of Kaspersky controversy to Congress, has called on the trump administration to declassify info about the cyber threats posed by Kaspersky software which is being reported by the media on a regular note.

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