Kentucky University Facebook account hacked to post inappropriate photos of Woman

Thomas Moore University, a university in Kentucky, has become a victim of a cyber attack as its official Facebook account was hacked to post inappropriate images and videos. Interestingly, the hack was carried out after a warning issued three weeks ago, that clearly stated that all the University administrators who had the privilege to access account credentials will be locked from their accounts, respectively.

And as alerted, a hack was carried out on the Thomas Moore University’s Facebook account to first post a live streaming of a video game and then post the images and videos of a woman in suggestive poses and asking for companionship.

All the students, about to join ones, community members and staff were embarrassed and frustrated with the incident and seriously warned the admins of the catholic university to eradicate such embarrassments in near future, by taking adequate measures to secure all the university related social media accounts.

University IT staff allege they are trying to contact the social media giant owned by Mark Zuckerberg. But they are not getting any kind of support from either the company or from the local office of the social media giant.

A logical complaint has been registered against the hack with the law enforcement department and investigation has started.

Prima facie revealed that the woman whose suggestive poses were being streamed live on the FB page of the University was being done without her knowledge and this clearly suggests that she has fallen prey to an online threat.

More details will be published as soon as the investigation gets concluded and the University staff have a clear picture on what exactly happened with their social media account.


Naveen Goud
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