Killnet targeting healthcare apps hosted on Microsoft Azure


Microsoft has detected that a Russian-affiliated hacking group dubbed Killnet has been targeting healthcare apps being hosted on the Azure cloud platform. The tech giant claims that the activity has occurred for over three months, i.e. between November 2022 and February 2023. Most were distributed denial of service attacks aka DDoS and a mixture of other attack patterns.

Discovery made by the Windows OS giant states that the focus of Killnet was mainly on pharmaceutical industries and life sciences(31%), followed by hospitals and care services.

Surprisingly, most of the attacks that were launched on the cloud platform emerged from the US, Russia, and war-torn Ukraine.

Microsoft issued a clarification that those enrolled in Azure DDoS Network Protection and Web Application Firewall services need not worry as all such attacks will be mitigated by the threat detection teams of the company.

Meanwhile, the cyber attack on 9 Danish hospitals that took place in the last week of February has been tracked down to a group named Anonymous Sudan, which probably has links with the Killnet or some government agency working for the Soviet Union.

Coming to the other news, Killmilk, the leader of the pro-Russian hacking gang Killnet, has urged his country’s cyber army to target Germany’s arms manufacturing factory Rheinmetall AG. The reason is that the factory chief has decided to establish a battle tank factory in Ukraine by October this year to facilitate Zelenskyy’s army work with more vigor in the ongoing war with Moscow.


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